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Pussy & The Learjets Are Back For One More Show!

Pussy & The Learjets will soon be returning to the rehearsal studio to prepare for one last show, most likely in November, before Pussy will take to the road and emigrate to more RocknRoll friendly shores.

Watch this space for dates and location!

Pussy collects 1000 hits on YouTube!

Gerhard Joren´s short rockumentary on Pussy & The Learjets, Bangkok`s loudest Rock’n'Roll band, has collected more than 1000 viewers since it went on YouTube in late January!

Gerhard’s film was shot at the very first Learjets show, captured at the Thai capital’s premier underground venue The Overstay. Never mind the Hangover II, watch this for a real slice of Thailand’s capital.

Tracy Vanity shoots Pussy on a Boat – A Night in Bangkok on YouTube!

American Videographer Tracy Vanity captured a recent show of Pussy & The Learjets, getting their rocks off  on a boat in  the Chao Praya River on June 3rd as part of her short film Duck & Noodle presents: I’m on a Boat!

The six minute film features several other Bangkok based bands, including the very Portisheadesque Noah’s Tape, Stylish Nonsense and the very cool Basement tape.  Watch it on YouTube!

Still photo by Gabriel Camelin.

Pussy on a Boat – The Learjets rock the Chao Praya – Captured by Gabriel Camelin

Photographer Gabriel Camelin captured Pussy and her Learjets as they blasted a 45 minute set of Rock’n'Roll originals and obscurities across the Chao Praya river in Bangkok, getting 400 assembled reprobates to shake their wooden legs on June 3rd!

Pussy & The LJs get cool in BK Magazine

Pussy & The Learjets get a brief mention in BK, a Bangkok listings magazine, in the publication’s run-down of the Thai capital’s coolest music venues.

Pussy and Pascal…live in Bangkok, June 4th – Last Pussy & The LJs show this summer!

Pussy & The Learjets play their last show this summer, at Pascal Nufer’s farewell party at the illustrious WTF (What the Fuck) Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 51 in Bangkok.

Following this last hurrah, the band will relocate to India to write new material!
Showtime is Saturday June 4th, around 10 pmThe Learjets will engage in a rare full frontal Rock’n'Roll attack with two guitar players – Ax Bonmati and Tom Learjet will douse all daring dancers in sonic napalm. Join the party!

Check out the LJs’ debut single Nothing on this soundcloud link. The actual vinyl 7″ picture disc will be available from Metal Postcard in Mid-June.

Pussy & The Learjets Rock on Dirty Water – Bangkok, June 3rd, 2011

Pussy & The Learjets triumphant return from shattering the phony peace of the People´s Republic of China!

Rock out with Bangkok´s secret procurers of precious soul noise, right on the Chao Praya River!

June 3rd, 2011. Bring a depth charge!

Pussy licks China!

In May, Pussy & The Learjets licked China, thrashing through the southern reaches of the People´s Republic, avoiding cops, zealous censors and the politburo, with the excellent Rock’n'Roll animal Ax Bonmati on guitar duty, bringing a new, more dynamic edge to the sonic assault of Bangkok’s finest, while Tom Learjet was on an extended solo tour onto the outer reaches of marginal experience….from which he has yet to fully return.

No matter, French six-string wizard Bonmati more than filled the pointed shoes of The Learjets’ orginal guitar water-boarder, and made sure the Pussy could fly without worrying the trash heavens – The Learjets are grateful!

Pussy & The Learjets Mark II will remain a China Special…upcoming shows in June will feature appearances by riff machine Ax Bonmati and the unlikely if temporary return of  Tom Learjet. Pussy & The Learjets Mark III  are ready to burn across Bangkok once more. Forget Hangover II, this is the real deal, twice as brash, twice as vulgar,three times as scary and far less plastic.

Be sure to catch their shows on June 3rd and 4th before Bangkok’s noisiest Rock’n'Roll band set of on an extended tour of the outer reaches of the galaxy!

Pascal´s Pussy Party at Bangkok´s What The F**k Bar, June 4th, 2011

On June 4th 2011, Pussy & The Learjets will share the stage with The GoGoChas to celebrate the departure of long term Bangkok resident Pascal Nufer to healthier climes.

Pascal has been reporting from Asia for Swiss media for the past seven years and is relocating back to Europe.  To celebrate his departure, he has decided to go out with a bang. And there’s no louder bang to be had in Bangkok than the sounds of Pussy aka Om Chantakahn wailing, supported by the grindhouse noise of her Rock’n'Roll mercenaries, The Learjets. Get it while you can!

The Learjets will hit the stage at the WTF (What The Fuck, apparently) Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 51.

Pussy & The Learjets make Corporate News in Macau!

The glorious, unbeatable Bangkok based Rock’n'Roll band Pussy & The Learjets got a mention in The Macau Daily Times, in the paper´s Corporate News section.

The piece is a rehash of the band´s press release and does not make any sense, it´s nonsense journalism at its best, but what else might one expect from Corporate News colliding with a Rock’n'Roll band!

The band is congratulating itself on having survived its first string of dates through southern China and can’t wait to rock out in Bangkok again soon…

Pussy does Macao!

Spit on your wheel, chew those dice and tear up your cards…get ready while you can for….

Dirty, loud Rock’n'Roll from the Far-Eastern Ghettos!

In Chinese:


Pussy does Macao. Don´t miss it!

For one night only: Pussy & The Learjets play Guangzhou!

For the opening show of their mini tour across southern China, Pussy and the Learjets play Guangzhou.


On stage at c-union about 10pm!

Pussy does China!

Many have tried, all have failed.

The US tried to invade China as recently as the 1950s. Bob Dylan scored a temporary victory a couple of weeks ago.

Now make way for Pussy & The Learjets.

The Bangkok Rock’n'Roll sensation are almost on their way to play their first string of dates in the People’s Republic.

Dates and locations to follow!

Pussy & The Learjets in Full Flight!

Pussy & The Learjets, captured by Gabriel Camelin at Common Ground in Banglamphu, Bangkok. This was the The Learjets’ second show in Bangkok’s backpacker enclave.

Pussy and her gang ripped through a brand new set with four new songs to enrich the musical desert in the City of Angels.

Official: Pussy & The Learjets Cambodia Shows Postponed

Due to circumstances beyond God’s and Pussy’s control, The Learjets had to cancel their Cambodia shows. The band is profoundly sorry to disappoint their countless Cambodian fans and will reschedule at least some of the shows as soon as circumstances permit. That’s if the two great nations of Thailand and Cambodia manage to hold back from all out war!

Should the fighting along the two kingdoms’ borders continue, Pussy & The Learjets would be happy to set up a stage on a cliff top in the Dongrak Mountains and entertain the troops – on both sides, simultaneously! The Learjets hope that the presence of Pussy might cool frayed tempers and help lead to a ceasefire.

The Learjets suggest:

More Pussy Power – Less Killing!

Pussy & The Learjets Play Heart-Stopping Bangkok Show!

Photographer Michael LaPalme captured Pussy & The Learjets at their gloriously and sickeningly best at Common Ground in Bangkok for their post-Songkran come-down. A gaggle of New Year survivors showed up, got drunk and danced the Jet Cat Blues.

Alongside Bangkok surf supremos The Klong Riders and Thailand punk rock cannibals Blood Thirst Spider, The Learjets pounded through a coronary-inducing set, including new (and elegantly ripped off) songs Dirty Water, 13 Women, Louie Louie, and the B-side of their forthcoming single, Itchy Skin.

For the performance of this upcoming release, the incredible Pussy shared the stage with too-cool-to-be-true Liberian hip-hop maestro Morris S. Turay.

End of New Year Show – Pussy & The Learjets soil Bangkok

Pussy & The Learjets re-emerge from the recording studio to play one last show in Bangkok, before heading off to Cambodia for a string of dates next week.

On Saturday, April 16th, Pussy & The Learjets will play a short and sharp set at Common Ground at Samsen Soi in Banglamphu, right in the heart of Bangkok’s backpacker land. The Learjets will sharing the stage with the Klong Riders and Blood Thirst Spider.

If you’ve been celebrating Thai New Year for the past four days, this Rock’n'Roll spectacular will provide a nice and possibly much needed change in music – the perfect way to wind down the party is to wind up the party.

And check out the new video by Pussy & The Learjets, produced by Austrian director Wysforce, Nothing can bring me down, also the title of The Learjets’ forthcoming single…

Pussy & The Learjets versus Metal Postcard in TTO Magazine

In this Rock’n’Roll double bill, published this month in Traversing the Orient Magazine, Tom Vater reports on Metal Postcard, the Honk Kong independent label that is home to Cambodia’s finest rock band The Cambodian Space Project and the garage punk noise from Bangkok that is Pussy & The Learjets, while Detroit home boy Scott Nicholson takes the literary plunge with Pussy & The Learjets recording their first single in Bangkok.

Photos by Aroon Thaewchatturat and Michael LaPalme.

A Cocktail for a Pussy!

Sold and drunk during a recent Pussy & The Learjets show at Chez Lodin in Bangkok!

Pussy & The Learjets Rock Cambodia!

Pussy & The Learjets are very pleased to announce their first string of dates in Cambodia. The LJs will be playing several shows in Phnom Penh in late April.

First confirmed dates at the famously infamous Sharky Bar on April 22nd and 23rd. At Sharky Bar, the LJs will be supported by local punk rockers Stiff Little Punks and a Ramones cover band called Rock’n'Roll High School. What more could one hope for.

More shows tbc!

Pussy & The Learjets Go French Bootleg Reported

A bootleg CD of Pussy & The Learjets go French has allegedly been for sale in Bangkok. The highly sought after recording of a recent 40 minute show at Chez Lodin was made by garage punk veteran Norman Sanders, who saw The Thirteenth Floor Elevators play in Houston, Texas in the mid-60s and was delighted to hear The Learjets perform Roky Erickson’s You’re gonna miss me.

While copies of the explosive concert are allegedly sold around infamous Khao San Road, Bangkok’s backpacker mile, alongside shows of other popular outfits like The Eagles and The Scorpions, Pussy & The Learjets go French has apparently managed to conquer yet another, altogether different market on Sukhumvit Road, one of Bangkok’s night life areas – eye witnesses reported seeing Pussy and the Learjets go French DVDs amongst other so-called sexy movies at numerous outlets.

Pussy & The Learjets crashland RCA at Cosmic Cafe

Pussy & The Learjets packed out the Cosmic Cafe on RCA, Bangkok´s teen nightlife mile and blew the crowd with their new Bangkok anthem, Dirty Water, borrowed from The Standells.

Shot by Aroon Thaewchatturat.

A Star is Born – Hans Kemp shoots Pussy aka Om Chantakahn

Photographer Hans Kemp shoots Om Chantakahn aka Pussy of The Learjets at Chez Lodin, Bangkok, on February 26th.

Hans Kemp shoots Pussy & The Learjets

Photographer Hans Kemp captured Pussy & The Learjets go French at Chez Lodin in Bangkok.

The Learjets cruise through 1 2 5, a garage classic by The Haunted, while Pussy takes her bewildered audience to task.

Click on the image to watch the show!

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